The State of Marriage is a feature length documentary that covers the inception of marriage,

its evolution, and where we are now.

I had a strong desire to make this documentary about ten years ago while struggling through a decade long live-in against-my-Mother's-ardent-pleas relationship, wondering why we were having such a difficult time. I realized we were both confused about the roles we were supposed to be playing. Times had changed drastically since the era when my parents got married, during the male breadwinner period of the 1950's when the majority of wives were strictly homemakers, dependent on their husbands to support them and provide for their children. With the legalization of abortion, the introduction of the pill in the 60's, and the women's movement, women were no longer confined to the home nor did they always marry due to pregnancy. Since the triumph of elevated female positions in the workplace in the 70's and more and more women building their careers before marrying from the 80's to today, gender roles and marital expectations have undergone dramatic change. However, with infidelity and divorce on the rise, prenuptials often a prerequisite, friends of mine - both male and female, now question the purpose of marriage. Since women can make the same salaries, if not more as their husbands, and with the many birth control options available, freezing eggs and embyros, a growing number of women today are waiting to decide when and if they will have children or get married. What's more, now with sperm banks, women don't even need a male present to have a child and to make matters even more confusing, internet dating allows a broader range of choices for both men and women, further encouraging the prolonging of matrimonial bliss. Finally, the recent gay marriage political issue has placed a spotlight not only on the meaning of marriage between two people, but also about human rights and equality, marital privilege and its benefits, and the blurring of the line between church and state.

I have decided to take a brief look back to investigate what the purpose of marriage was in its roots in ancient cultures and a more concentrated focus in its development through time - primarily on the changing roles of men and women into what they are now here in America.

Is the survival of the American marriage in trouble? Or are we in a state of transition to a new and improved form? How are male and female identities changing? Can we meet somewhere in the middle? Is it all due strictly to economics? Lack of communication? The internet? Science? The loss of moral values? Is the state of marriage different in other countries? What about love?

Stay tuned to find out.

I am excited about this project and I hope you will support me in my efforts! I have onboard Al Satterwhite - a Nikon legend! as my director of photography, and we are working with Bluth Enterprises to provide us with our equipment.

I am currently raising the seed money for the research stage and preliminary shooting. If you would like to be a part of this project, click here: Contribute to The State of Marriage. All donors will receive a thank you credit in his/her name in the end credits of the documentary.

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Charmaine Cruz
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