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Our Generous and Benevolent Donors

Thank you so much for your support. You are helping to make very positive change in our world!!!

Organizations Individuals

Commerce Technologies Corporation, DBA E-Commerce Exchange

Sissy Boyd
Alyssa Gundler
Luxmi S. Cruz
Nandy Sarda and Denise DeVenuto
Kelly Gallagher
Theresa Dieriex
Jacques and Mary Clemenceau
Sara Kishner in honor of Jessica Morgan
Angela Skulteti
Ninon Aprea
Sharon Yablon
Dione Scott Rogers
Amy Holton
Elizabeth Sczudlo
Sharon Paul
Gloria Genna in honor of Sean Dean
Laura Elliot
Ellen Dwyer in honor of Sean Dean
Deborah McGowan
Skye Schiller - Contributor #21 - in honor of Carol W.
Michael Pantaleo
Jennifer and Harry O'Daniel for Darcie O'Daniel
Chet Tomala in honor of Brogan Paul
Cathleen Parsons
Tracy Crockett Clark in honor of Norma
William Peterson
Wendy Griffin
Jean Buckland
Robin Chomko
Nicole Gitlin
Ian and Jeanna Santos
Noreen O'Neill
Cissy Wellman
Roberta Fackelman
Lydia Teague in honor of Lydia Rose
Maria Fajardo in honor of Nicho
Gail Williamson
Christena Reed in honor of Ian
Charlene O'Neill
Patricia (Calayag) Pedersen
Toby and Cheri Foreman
Gayle Leventhal
Jack Kehler and Shawna Casey in honor of Nathan
Christena Hammes
Maria Rojas
Gloria Ortega in honor of Estella Maria
Joel and Kathy Zadak in honor of Ryan Zadak
Ignacio and Estella Ortega in honor of Estella Maria
The Currier Family in honor of Elijah
Christy Johnson
Dylan Buchanan
Serena Debesa in honor of Elina
Julie Gross
Aileen Sarda Skolds
Maria Baseleon
David Sarda
Juliette M. Calayag
William and Pamela Hill
Julie Dietz in honor of Sawyer Charles Moreland
Gayle Leventhal in loving honor of Cissy Wellman's Birthday and Greg and Cissy Wellman's Anniversary!!! Bravo!
David Mortensen in honor of Nathan
Mary Rings
Jim Hodgeson and Nancy Russell
Katy Pabst