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Exceptional Crew




Chris Chapman
Camera • B Camera • Visual Effects and Media Consultant •
Lighting Assistant

Chris grew up in Santa Barbara, California where he attended Santa Barbara High and Santa Barbara City College. He moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend Exceptional Minds, a vocational school located in Sherman Oaks for gifted adults on the Autism Spectrum. Chris is excelling at his studies at Exceptional Minds, in fact he is so talented and knowledgeable that even though he started from scratch, his instructors now often come to him with questions. He has been referred to as "the new face of young adults on the autism spectrum" by Autism Speaks. He is the first at his school to earn his Adobe Certified Associate Flash Certification and is also one of the first to break through the barrier on autism employability. He not only works in post production but he maintains the websites of paying local businesses for Exceptional Minds. He is now certified in both Adobe Flash as well as Adobe Dreamweaver and plans to work in the fields of visual arts, post production, and film and video editing.





Blair Williamson
Set Photographer

Blair Williamson has spent most of his life with a camera in his hands. He began his love for photography with a Fisher Price “My First Camera” when they still required film.  His mother says she paid for numerous photos of nothing for years.  But once he got a digital camera in his hands and the number of photos he could take became endless; Blair’s work showed he had a special gift for photography.  He usually wore out his cameras, and each time one was “spent” he moved up to the next level. Today he uses a Nikon D40 (which is old by today’s standards) and is changing lenses after having his 18mm to 200mm lens break after many years of use.  But this does not detour him, he documents everything in digital images and downloads about 1000 images a month to his computer.  Blair has a couple of by-lines in national publications for his photographs and this last year had a press pass to photograph friends who completed the Los Angeles Marathon.  Blair’s talent for photography has always amazed his family and the physicians who treat him.  As well as being diagnosed with Down syndrome he has 6th nerve paralysis in one eye and is now dealing with keratoconus (the loss of elasticity of the cornea) in both.  Blair is pleased to be a photographer for “What’s Up with Down” and looks forward to sharing more of his photos with you all.